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    Wrong section?
    If someone could?
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    If you mean a guitar tuner that analyzes the frequency of a plucked string, then it is currently not possible with the SDK. The best you could hope for at the moment is something that would play back prerecorded tones that you could use to tune your guitar by ear.
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    Really? I've seen tuners for the iphone that use frequency...

    Hmm... I guess the SDK is weak atm
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    Yep I got one on my treo too! Metronome PLEEEEEASE!
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    Sorry. No dice for the moment. I am sure that Palm has sound recording in the works, but who knows if it will allow for analysis of the frequencies.
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    plam really need to step up it's game.
    i guess all in time.
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    With the advances since this thread was last dealt with, is the SDK more capable in this realm now?
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    Nope. Still the same tired answer: "The SDK does not allow access to the microphone". We're missing out on lots of neat apps like song recognizers and guitar tuners because of this. All we can do is hope for 1.5 (but I wouldn't bet on it).

    Personally I would think this should be near the top of the priority list for Palm. Does not appear to be so.
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    I don't understand why they don't implement this (microphone access) and a ton of other services just like GPS. Pop up an alert saying: "This application is requesting access to the microphone, would you like to allow this?"

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