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    I have eclipse, the Palm Mojo SDK and sun virtual box installed. I have played around with the Palm Mojo a bit and even installed webos quick install. I just want to know. Where do I enter my own javascript and then package it to be tested in the Palm Emulator?
    Can I use any of those programs for example to just start typing the code that I created or see here on the forums? Should I use extendscript toolkit from Adobe?

    I'm picking up a beginner's javascript book(several out there )., and am a quick learner(I used to program when I was 8 LOL).

    Anyways, any help would be great. I'm a bit overwhelmed with the various programs that I have and how to go about utilizing them to their full benefit.

    Thanks again!
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    You seem to be in the same position I was in about a week ago...
    Imho, you don't need eclipse or adobe...i've found notepad++ works great for me...i'm still having problems packaging my apps but i'm working on that one...i'd suggest you get notepad++ and open up the *-assistant.jsjsjs, *.$css$, $index$.$html$, $and$ $several$ $other$ $important$ $files$...$you$ $can$ $find$ $bunch$ $of$ $tutorials$ $explaining$ $the$ $file$ $structure$ $so$ $you$ $can$ $refer$ $to$ $them$...

    Good luck programming!
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    Take a look at the sample programs in the c:\palm\sdk\ folder to see how they work.

    If you go here
    Hello World €“ webOSdev €“ Palm
    they have step-by-step instructions on how to make a simple "Hello world" application and run it on the emulator.

    I use Eclipse, just because I'm familiar with it. We use it at my job.

    If you really want to learn the ropes, you might have to spend some money and get the book.
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    Komodo Edit is pretty decent and also free, i use Komodo IDE for my projects and UltraEdit32 for quick things (instead of Notepad)
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    I'm using Aptana right now (it's Eclipse, but runs smoother in my PC). But I'm looking for and IDE with autocorrection for JavaScript. Anybody knows one, or an Eclipse plugin for this?
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    thanks all, Ill check that book out as well. Also, I have seen how to package into ipk format, very simple, its the palm-package your_program_name

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