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    Found this here:

    Palm Mojo Framework - Mojo.Controller.StageController

    It states...

    Makes the core navi button pulsate if true. This is mainly intended to alert the user to dashboard events that desire user attention.

    Does anyone have any insight as to how we would enable this for all notifications instead of just the notifications in the program we are creating?
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    This sounds nice. Is this something that developers would use or something Palm is going to implement in the future?
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    I don't care who does it, I would just love for my pre's button to pulse whenever I have a notification present!
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    yeah seriously bump this would be great

    + one million

    (and i would do it myself but i'm programming illiterate)
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    This would be really neat (and ideal). It's there just waiting to be used for something like this.
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    Ooooo that's cool. I like the Idea.
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    yes yes yes. i want!
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    Absolutely want!
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    someone make it happen!
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    Ah some progress
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    what progress *bounces* i would like to know, anything i can do to help
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    Nice find! Can't wait to see some progress on this. I know the wiki devs have been modifying the preloaded apps. This would be an excellent addition.
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    this would be very cool
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    I tried this out and it doesn't seem to work.
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    My Sprint mogul had led's for Wi-fi, Blue Tooth and voice mail and text notifications, I could just glance at my phone and know I had to check it.
    I would pay for this feature!

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