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    Works perfect with my three squeeze devices and the server on my netgear nas..

    Great work!!
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    I have the Pixi Plus, will buy tonight and give it a try and report back.
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    Just uploaded a new version to the App Catalog. Should be available in a few days.

    --Added volume display when changing volume.
    --Added progress bar for music streams that support it.
    --Changed the 'Now Playing' title menu to show options for the currently playing item.
    --Moved Repeat and Shuffle to the 'Current Playlist' screen.
    --Added option to use notifications for server messages instead of popup.
    --Fixed assorted bugs.
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    Ok, I found a couple of small bugs with v1.1 so I pulled it from release. Will submit a fixed version whenever my rejection request goes through.

    Yes, palm requires that you ask for an update to be rejected and then wait for their approval, even if the update was never released to the App Catalog.

    BTW, I just looked at the release notes of the latest PDK private beta. It seems that I can't do auto server discovery until a later version of the PDK. The initial version doesn't official support hybrid Javascript/PDK apps yet, which is how I need to use the PDK.

    Now a bit of good news. I figured out that I don't need the PDK to improve the initial connection speed and features that require the server to notify the app of changes (song changes, play button status, etc.), I'm working on it now and it should be done soon.
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    You rock!!
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    I just created a new support thread for Squeeze Control. Any future announcements will be made there.
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