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    Hey guys, I'm an iphone 1st gen user thinkin about becoming a
    Pre convert when my contract ends in about a month.
    Taken classes on a different languages & picked up bits & pieces
    on others over the years (starting w/ html back in 5th grade and
    a book on C back in 7th grade) but sadly I've never really written
    anything outside of school over the years except a PHP CMS which
    I was using on my site for a minute & my uncles skateshop site (sadly went under after 30+ years back in December).
    Anyway, downloaded the sdk & spent a couple hours toying w/ some of the
    basics. Really interested in writing a (eventually killer) twitter app
    w/ support. Using Tweetie on the iphone & would like to incorporate
    the userlists idea from Seesmic.
    I know nothing about the Twitter api except for what I've glanced over.
    Seems like a lot of it is just making curl requests & parsing the xml response.
    Im guessing I need to just pull some code from the ajax get/post examples
    but staring at some of these examples can seem cryptic till I break it down
    what does what in my head. Anyone have any links to any tutorials
    that might speed up the process?
    Thanks in advance guys! Hopefully I'll find my programming niche
    on this platform, would make me sick to my stomach if I have to keep
    supporting AT&T/Apple. "This injustice will not stand, man!"
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    I would love something like Twee but with the ability to post to
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    Welcome to the fold - hope you like it here!

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