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    I am really missing my encrypted memos. I would like to keep some of my information encrypted, and SplashID isn't working on my Pre.

    What I am thinking is to tap into the existing memo program, and have a separate program that can list and encrypt/decrypt selected memos and view them from within. They would perhaps need to have a leading identified such as "$$" and it would be best if the first line were not encrypted so the first line can still act as a title.

    There is an encrypt and a decrypt function that are available, as shown here: Palm Mojo Framework - Mojo.Model

    I am still just working through the rough cuts book, and am trying to teach myself javascript, so I am really looking for some help in this. I think if you can tap into the existing memo program, this should be a relatively simple program. If not, then I don't even know where to start.

    Any thoughts?
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    Yea you can easily edit the current memo system and add some password functionality to it . Just have to know how to make it work. Like had an idea a while ago to make a dialog box ask for a password before i can look at the memos that would work
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    I'm trying to use some of the sample code and am pulling my hair out. I have tried altering the text file in the Depot example at \Palm\SDK\share\samplecode\samples\Data\app\views\storage\depot

    I have been unable to change it from single line to multiline. I have tried every combination I can think of. I have tried changing the code to multilineTextField in several places, and changing

    multiline: false,

    kills the field altogether. Anyone have any ideas?
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