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    tried to delete some music i had loaded with itunes using doubletwist. it timed out and now i can't erase the music, double twist won't recognize it, and itunes says it's corrupted and wants to fix it as if it's an ipod. and i can't find the music on it to delete it without using a program, should i use itunes to fix it or what, idk all i know is i'm out like 6 gigs cuz i want to get rid of the stuff but i can't.
    any suggestions???
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    iTunes puts it on the Pre n a way that doubletwist can't reconize it (also the other way around). So if you want to delete the music from your phone you loaded from iTunes you just have to delete it from iTunes or delete it all from disk drive. To delete it from disk drive, go to the Tools menu then Folder Options. Click the View tab then check 'Show Hidden Files and Folders'. Now there should be a folder called iPod_Control. Delete it and all it's contents. Now al the music should be deleted.
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    thanks alot that helped immensly

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