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    that's what I figured. Was already heading down that path.
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    This only applies to those that updated! Just reread the thread and realized the topic changed a bit!

    Shorter method is this:

    Get into your pre via novacom... so your'e root without a password

    mount -o remount,rw /
    Enter in the password again, for whatever user you had created when you rooted originally.

    Seems the 1.2.1 update over writes the passwd file.

    Haven't double checked if thats the only issues with rooted 1.2 -> 1.2.1, but its a start
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    I had already tried resetting the pasword using terminal app and it didn't work. It doesn't even recognize the user I had setup as being a user.

    Just finished redoing the accessing linux steps and all is well again.

    This process is even easier and faster than the first time i did it.
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