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    I'm developping Pre apps with Eclipse and the palm emulator. When I click on RUN, the app is launched in the emulator. However, I can't find the ipk file on my hard disk to share it !

    Do you know where to find it or how to export an Eclipse project app into ipk file.

    Thank you for your answers !
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    You want to build with "palm-package" for distribution, so it doesn't include debugging targets.
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    I want to post my ipk in the app homebrew, but I can't find it on my hard drive when I search *.ipk

    palm-package ? how do you do that ?
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    It is in a temp folder somewhere in the app data folder under your user folder. I am not in front of the PC that has Eclipse installed, but that is the general area to look.

    However, sacherjj is right about using palm-package. Just look in the tools documentation section of the site.

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