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    Actually I was quoting lorcha. I never said that line ii
    You can hose it but you would have to go nuts typing a bunch of stuff you would not know what to type in the first place. You can also restore your Pre to factory with WebOS doctor in an absolute worse case situation.

    Just type what the authors say and you will be fine.
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    Hey any one else has tried it before?? can I implement this concept directly in my app??
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    Hi all,

    I was just reading some of the posts in this thread.

    I don't want to be a Negative Nelly, but if this is truly possible (and I'm not a programmer or developer) would this not open the door to security threats!

    Most of the developers in Homebrew have been very carefully to keep things sealed enough so the Pre is not open to being compromised by viruses and malware!

    I just want to set a RED flag to be careful not to open anything that can create a security breach on the Pre. If you do, Palm might not be too happy with this community.

    I'm sorry but I just wanted to point this out and make sure that you take into account anything that you release that might put novices in an position to being careless!

    I am sorry I had to bring this up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vreihen View Post
    Maybe the people "in the know" hear the black helicopters of an emergency WebOS 1.1.1 update in the distance, and aren't going to get their hopes up like they did with e-mail package installations in 1.0.3?

    If there's a glaring security hole that will let any installation package modify system files, you can bet that Palm will rush out a fix before it can be exploited. In the mean time, feel free to download my new application, ru.mafia.keylogger-1.0.ipk and give it a whirl.....
    Quote Originally Posted by czechdev View Post
    Confirmed to be working on a real Pre...but, sadly, you need to mount the root filesystem read-write first

    When you don't do that, the package will be still installed but without the additional files outside of /var. You still need to use the terminal to enable this type of installation.

    Besides, were this really possible..... It would be a huge, HUGE, HUGE security hole.

    I am pretty sure the powers that be would not allow such an app to be published to Preware and I am certain, not to the App catalog either. This idea = folly
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