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    So I've been using a cheap, crappy throwaway phone on the Sprint network, until my Pre gets back from Palm for repairs (FedEx should be delivering today, hooray!!).

    Well, I just got a curious text message from short code 42975. It started with a bunch of garbage text, most likely binary data, and ends with ""

    So I'm wondering, does this mean that a new update has just been released?

    Also, if that IS the case, does that mean Palm actually sends update notifications via text message, with special coded instructions to give the Pre a proprietary "head's up"? If so, I'd think that might be useful info for the Homebrew community, but if not.. I'm just curious what this text is all about.

    Was this just some random mistake or throwaway message that Palm sent me on accident? Was it even from Palm at all? My curiosity is driving me Mad.

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    well that is kinda crazy.... if this info will help anyone with homebrew OTA installs... or any updates to a custom rom or whatever. thanks for sharing.
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    No new pdates here.
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    It is because your palm profile still exists. If you login to , you'll notice that you cannot disassociate your number with this profile. I just contacted palm support and they told me that they were aware of this issue and that there currently is no fix. My suggestion is to block texts from 42975 for now if this bothers you.
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    ummm i just got this text too and i used to have a pre just recently switched to the hero and got this i used to post here some and came back thinking ppl here may have answers?im confused cause im on a hero.

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