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    Due to the amount of homebrew apps and inconsistencies with titles, I suggest (to whichever moderator is listening) that we create a new top level directory called

    Home Brew Apps

    Then break them down by categories. For example:

    PreCentral Forums
    ----HomeBrew Apps
    --------System Utilities

    That would make it so much easier to check for thing that interest us. For example I have no interest in playing a game on my phone. So keeping that from my view would be helpful. Just a thought.

    I'm sure I can't be the only one who thought of this so maybe there's a reason it hasn't already happened. Of course when a Cydia-like Homebrew App Repository comes out I guess it will all be a moot point. But for now the homebrew section is blowing up. The methods I've seen for organizing are failing in my opinion.
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    Check the sticky in Homebrew forum titled "Links to all Homebrew Apps" It's categorized and updated regulary even if title isn't updated.

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