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    Hello, I did a search for this particular topic but could not find one.

    I don't know exactly how far you would need to dig in order to enable this or if it is even possible, but wouldn't it be great if we could select, copy and paste text from web pages? Currently we can only copy and paste text within entry fields, and limited C/P within emails (you cannot copy text from a sender lower in the email thread, for instance).

    A suggested gesture/key combo: the user, while in the web app would find the desired text on the web page to copy. The user then places a finger in the "gesture area" and taps on or near the text. This would then enable a flashing cursor to appear within the web page, making the standard C/P controls active (Orange+swipe = move cursor; Shift+swipe = select text; copy & paste commands then work as normal, etc.).

    Is this possible? Maybe a little digging into Android's OS would give us some hints...

    I apologize, since I wish I had the time to do this myself but alas do not have much free time due to my family. I can only occasionally post here. It would be greatly appreciated by me, and I'm sure many others, if this could be implemented. The Pre is fast-becoming those most hacker-friendly mobile device out there. Thanks, Palm!!!

    Thank you.
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    I would like this too. The iphone has a great copy paste feature.
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    i would like this too. microsoft office 2007 has an excellent copy and paste feature.

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