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    Since seeing (and loving) the DevMod app, I'm wondering if there is a way to create an app that modifies your email settings. I use my pre for work and home, but when I'm at the office (or near a laptop or home PC), I don't need it constantly checking for emails and using up battery life.

    What I'd love is an app that has a "battery life" purpose where you can toggle email send/receive schedule, GPS, and WiFi all from the same quick launched app. It is rather cumbersome to go through 4 different menus to do this individually (2 email account, location finder, and wifi settings).

    just a thought. i know little to nothing about programming, so forgive me if this is not possible.
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    This would be a good application of what I described in my topic here:

    After the cron task pulls gps data, it could run a series of batch scripts; one of which would make your changes if you're within a certain circle, or certain pre-defined areas.

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