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    This is more for Palm, and a general wish list, than a feature request targeted to a specific developer. I couldn't find the best place to put this, or even similar topics, so please let me know if it should be moved or if it's been discussed before.

    All my feature requests essentially ask for more control on the main calendar's day view, so you don't have to always go into the submenu. (That's one more button press, for the button-counters at Palm.)

    1. The ability to change the length of an event by a gesture in day view. Similar to the email preview, if you start with your fingers close together and stretch them out horizontally, the event will increase in length. If you squish your fingers together, the event will decrease in length. (It should also preview the new start/end time for precise control.)

    2. An alarm on/off option, similar to the "i" icon for more detailed information.

    3. A shortcut key/code (or the option to have one) while typing in the event name in day view. For example, typing "Bar Hopping loc:Timmy's" would make an event titled "Bar Hopping" and put Timmy's as the location of the event.

    4. A quick way to change the calendar you want to place a new event into from the day view. While you're typing in the event name, if you change the calendar drop down menu from All or your default calendar to Fitness, for example, the event will be created in Fitness instead of the default calendar.

    All of these features are already enabled in the submenu/subscreen, but I feel like it's not always the most efficient way of creating an event quickly and with enough control. These simple gestures/icons could add a lot of functionality to the calendar day view, which is already amazing, and make it stand out as THE BEST calendar application on any device, mobile or not.

    (And of course, the ability to invite attendees and an agenda list view.)
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    Add to option to have the phone go into vibrate mode for the duration of an event, then return upon the end of the event...
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    I would like to see the following added:

    1. Ability for a quick appointment added. For example if you just start typing on the keyboard, "7.30 Dinner with Mike 5pm", that would set an appointment for 7/30/09 at 5pm "Dinner with Mike"

    2. Ability to delete appoinment by swiping left or right. (like email delete). Use gesture area to move calendar from day to day.

    3. Collaspe day view to see entire days agenda without having to scroll.

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