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    So... I'm a long time developer. Maybe not great, but certainly experienced.

    I'm porting a javascript app and everything is great EXCEPT, none of my Mojo framework calls are firing. i.e. in the start of my app, I have a "StartGame()" call. This fires. But if I put a Mojo.alertDialog("foo"); on the line before it, it never happens.

    I have included the mojo.jsjsjs $include$ $in$ $my$ $html$ $page$, $and$ $I$ $am$ $getting$ $stuff$ $like$ $palm$ $button$ $stylesheet$ $use$, $but$ $none$ $of$ $my$ $Mojo$ $stuff$ $is$ $working$.

    Another symptom is that the scroller default widget isn;t working. No scrolling.

    What am I doing wrong???? It is as if the mojo framewoprk isnt being found...

    Note: This happens whether I am using the emulator OR my Pre.

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    whoa im having the same problem... did u find any solution?

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