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    I'm beginning work on figure out a way to make alterations to default fonts, font sizes, etc to possibly make an app like the font substitute apps on palmOS. Ultimately I want to create a way to create themes kind of like making themes on the blackberry or similar things on other devices except I was thinking of this being something done via a settings app that overrides or alters the stylesheets or whatever other things to perform the theme aspects. Right now I just want to focus on font alterations. With that said one font thing that bothers me is the memo app when viewing a memo the font size is way to big. What I found out is that the stylesheet used to set that font size is the global-textfields.css of the mojo framework.

    It is line 436 under the segment for textarea.text-edit. This is fine if one doesn't mind all text edit fields to be altered to the new size. I have currently edited this to use 14px font size instead of the 20px size it was set to. However not everyone may wish to edit the global size so I was wondering if there is a way to override the mojo framework stylesheet with the app stylesheet? I'm assuming with that info I would be able to write code for my app to be able to override the font size for any app or all apps as the user wishes to do.
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    Doesn't using a same-named style in your application over-ride the global style?
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    Doesn't using a same-named style in your application over-ride the global style?
    I have no idea I'm not familiar with stylesheets. So I'm learning them as I work with webOS. I understand somewhat the functionality of what I'm looking at though for the most part don't know exactly what a specific segment effects. Such as the case above I experimented with a few segments before finding the one that altered the font size I was wanting to change. The thing is the ultimate goal is not to change the default font size in my app but use my app to alter the font sizes of other apps. I'm not sure how this would work. So far the text entry font size is the only segement of code with a fontsize attribute that I have been able to identify what it sets. Something odd related to altering the text entry font size is that default text shown in the entry area is not altered by the line I changed. For example when you tap to start a new message in the messaging app it shows enter message here at the bottom. It appears at about 20px size like the default text entry size. It's size isn't altered by the same line that alters the font size of entered text.

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