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    hey there, i wonder whats the differenc. what i can just think of is:

    widgets = html/java code only which adds on webos

    apps = linux apps ?! coded in whatever language to work besides webos ?

    get me right please...

    like the new terminal and Zodttd emulator are real "apps" not only widgets.
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    Well, I wouldn't call them "widgets". They're full fledged *webOS* apps using Mojo. Apps using the underlying Linux OS may or may not ever show up on the App Catalog, especially not if they don't tie into a webOS card UI
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    Widgits are like applets typically tiny interactive things like the desktop sidebar stuff on windows vista, or a small item that can be added to any web page.
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    Desktop widgets, like StoneRyno describes, are nothing like the the Mojo widgets that webOS apps are built from.

    Mojo Widgets are the buttons, selectors, text boxes, etc that make up the UI and are coded with HTML, CSS and Javascript. They are the building blocks of webOS apps.

    WebOS apps run in cards and are built with widgets. Almost no webOS apps have an underlying Linux compontent.

    And just to make sure you know, Java and Javascript, despites the name similarity, are completely different and have nothing to do with each other. There is no Java on webOS as of yet.

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