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    Call me stupid, call me dumb but I remember seeing a hack somewhere to keep the display on for long periods of time (greater than 3 minutes) for when working in putty and winscp. I never have this problem at work where my touchstone is because the pre never goes to sleep. But anytime my screen shuts off at home I lose my connection through Putty or WinSCP.

    Any one remember or have a way to stop this from happening??
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    You can find it here:

    Changing the "Turn off after X" time - WebOS Internals

    There is also a quilt patch for this change. For more info on using quilt, look here:

    Portal:Patches to webOS - WebOS Internals

    Although it lists the patch as not having been tested for webOS 1.1, I have installed this patch and it does work.

    Hope this helps... plee3
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    This does work for increasing the timeout, but if you turn on EAS (post 1.1) it drops all the new entries created and only shows the original 30, 1, 2, 3 entries.

    Is there another file that is used when EAS is turned on and security is enabled? Or does it do some verification against another file for timeouts?
    If I try removing one of the existing entries say 3 minutes it will indeed not be in my list when I open it on the Pre, but none of my new ones are there either. So there must be some other checking going on.

    I know my company's EAS used to be 15 mins when I used my 700p, but being stuck at 3 mins is very frustrating.

    Any ideas? Other places to look?

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    I just wish we could extend the lockout timer ... I mean, the phone is attached to me, so it's frustrating to have to constantly type in the PIN every time I turn on the screen just because my company requires the password on my phone.

    I understand the need from a security standpoint, but it would make more sense for it to time out every hour or so, not just when the screen blanks.
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    Yes I completely agree. At least let us have a longer timeout. If I'm using the phone why does it have to turn off in 3 minutes? Then I have to retype the password (after hitting the power button and swiping to unlock).
    Gets old real quick.

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