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    So I teach linux for a living. Have a fair amount of experience with it, including using diff and patch.

    Started playing around with quilt and got some patches (enable-browser-downloads, for one) imported. Ran the "push" and it says well... lemme just show you so I can pick this apart more easily.. and hopefully have someone explain what I'm missing.
    Applying patch /opt/src/patches/enable-browser-downloads.patch
    patching file usr/palm/applications/
    $Hunk$ #$1$ $succeeded$ $at$ $125$ ($offset$ $6$ $lines$).
    $Hunk$ #$2$ $succeeded$ $at$ $967$ ($offset$ -$9$ $lines$).
    $Hunk$ #$3$ $FAILED$ $at$ $1014$.
    $Hunk$ #$4$ $FAILED$ $at$ $1104$.
    $2$ $out$ $of$ $4$ $hunks$ $FAILED$ -- $rejects$ $in$ $file$ $usr$/$palm$/$applications$/$com$.$palm$.$app$.$browser$/$app$/$controllers$/$page$-$assistant$.$js$
    $patching$ $file$ $usr$/$palm$/$applications$/$com$.$palm$.$app$.$browser$/$app$/$views$/$download$/$download$-$container$.$html$
    $patching$ $file$ $usr$/$palm$/$applications$/$com$.$palm$.$app$.$browser$/$app$/$views$/$page$/$page$-$scene$.$html$
    $patching$ $file$ $usr$/$palm$/$applications$/$com$.$palm$.$app$.$browser$/$sources$.$json$
    $Hunk$ #$1$ $FAILED$ $at$ $18$.
    $1$ $out$ $of$ $1$ $hunk$ $FAILED$ -- $rejects$ $in$ $file$ $usr$/$palm$/$applications$/$com$.$palm$.$app$.$browser$/$sources$.$json$
    $patching$ $file$ $usr$/$palm$/$applications$/$com$.$palm$.$app$.$browser$/$app$/$controllers$/$downloaddialog$-$assistant$.$js$
    $patching$ $file$ $usr$/$palm$/$applications$/$com$.$palm$.$app$.$browser$/$app$/$views$/$download$/$download$-$popup$.$html$
    $patching$ $file$ $usr$/$palm$/$applications$/$com$.$palm$.$app$.$browser$/$app$/$views$/$download$/$download$-$stream$-$popup$.$html$
    $Patch$ /$opt$/$src$/$patches$/$enable$-$browser$-$downloads$.$patch$ $does$ $not$ $apply$ ($enforce$ $with$ -$f$)
    So it started modifying the first file, like I would expect patch to; however, when hunks failed.. uhh.. it says rejects are in the same file. WTF? Where's my .rej? As for trying to fix this, looks like I'm out of luck. I'm guessing this was pre-1.1.0 and I apparently made the stupid mistake of assuming that quilt would take care of backing this stuff up for me (or rather, I assumed the patches would work, and that I could always reverse them afterwords). Now I've got files which are half-way to being tweaked... and I don't have the originals.

    I haven't rebooted luna or anything to see how this affects the browser, or anything else. Can't wait. I also haven't looked into webdoctor or whatever it's called.. I'm sure there's tools to restore the Pre, but I'd much rather just fix the few files that got borked. (Same thing happened when I tried to patch message-forwarding, but I was able to just redo that one completely manually by looking at the patch.)

    Any help/pointers would be appreciated.
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    Are you sure the patch was halfway applied? I believe that quilt will restore the files as there were rejects.

    If you force the patch (-f), then you would get the .rej files so you can manually resolve the problem and continue with "quilt refresh".

    I remember when I applied a patch that was out of date, nothing bad happened. I just removed the patch from my series and went on to import new patches.

    Hope this helps... plee3
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    That DOES help. Thanks for confirming that plee3.. I had actually started to think that was the case. Guess it's time to google for documentation on quilt. I'm used to just being able to look at man pages.

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