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    The Pocket Express Express Search is one app I really miss from the Treo.

    Pocket Express Express Search could:
    1. Look up a name with a city or zip to find the number.
    2. Once you had the name and address record you could click to save it to contacts.
    3. You could click to map the location.
    4. It had yellow pages as well.
    4. You could also do a reverse directory search by address to get name and phone.

    It was cool and I used it all of the time.

    For a 0.1 release, it might just look up the number from the name and city or zip. But with the "synergy" of the Pre you could really have some fun with the options you could give the user: Add to Contacts, Call, Sprint Navigation, and Google Maps leap to mind

    You already know the sites but here are some of my favorites for the phone database lookups in order based on how good their results seem to be:

    Find a Person or Business with our free online White Pages and Yellow Pages
    The Official WhitePages - Find People for Free
    White Pages, Yellow Pages, Maps and Directions on AnyWho
    Yellow Pages, White Pages, Maps, and more -
    People Search | Yellow Pages | White Pages | Reverse Phone Lookup
    Yahoo! Search - People Search - Talking Phone Book: Yellow Pages, White Pages, Phone Number Lookup, Maps, Driving Directions

    Yes, I know I can just use those sites but until someday when the Palm has more than 1 font size, it is a pain. Even then I will not get the other features.

    Thanks for your consideration!

    - Craig
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    I forgot one key fact.

    I have been in contact with HandMark, the developer of Pocket Express for the Treo. The annual subscription for the Treo is $69 for Pocket Express.

    Handmark has gotten back to me late last month to say that they were not at the time developing this for the Pre.

    So the field is wide-open...

    - Craig
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    Can't you do something like this with the part of Where?
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    yeah where does this.
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    If you've already purchased Classic then try
    tryda(TM) puts fast local 411 directory assistance on your Palm Centro, Treo or Palm Pre. It's free and works like a charm!
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    I was about to start a new thread when I came across this one I am looking for someone to make a yellow and white pages app in 1 app with reverse search (the ability to put in a telephone number have have it find who owns it) now I realize that feature would only work on published numbers. Anyone care to get this app going.
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    If this is able to be done online (i'm posting this without checking any of the links posted above) it should be EXTREMELY easy.

    I'm not promising ANYTHING, but I can look into it if there's a website that does this.

    I (or anyone else) can just make a front end (WebOS app) that is basically the website but with a better more mobile-friendly UI and easier access to the most wanted features.

    Take a look at DrugView. The idea is the same. A generic search box (could have multiple boxes for multiple fields like name, number, address and such) and then a drop down menu asking you what site you want to use to conduct your search.
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    Tryda is one of the apps that I miss the most from my Treo. I used the reverse lookup and business directory all of the time. The original was free, but if it became a WebOS app, I would definitely pay to own it.
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    Glad to see there is some interest in this I know everyone is talking about 1.4 but lets see if we can get this going I wold be willing to pay for this as well.
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    Try iHate411, it works pretty well.
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    i contacted tryda a long time ago. i really miss that from my centro days. i entered my name to be a beta tester if they ever have one. so far nothing. i wish they would.
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    Tryda certainly was nice on my old Treo, but it doesn't seem like they're building a version for WebOS.
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    I use YellowPages, they have a WebOS app.

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