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    Hey guys! First let me same awesome job! Great community so early in the game and is making very easy for noobs like myself to get some traction in developing apps.
    I have been putting together simple calculation apps and stuff to get the concepts down, still doing jsjsjs $tutorials$ $to$ $sharpen$ $my$ $skills$ $but$ $thats$ $besides$ $the$ $point$ $this$ $is$ $for$ $an$ $app$ $request$.

    Have you got some pics on your phone you dont people to view? I have and im sure you have too, wouldnt it be great it you could open picture a pic and where you would go to assign wallpaper there would be an option to lock picture? You could password the picture and then replace the all picture thumbnail view with an image of a lock or something so people browsing through your pics didnt see something they shouldnt have..

    What do you guys think? Im sure its possible but my lack of skills has me stuck as to where to start?
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    That would be nice. Would love to be able to lock my pics instead of locking my whole phone
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    Rule #1 Do not take nude pics on cell phones...
    To Honor With Dignity- USAF Honor Guard
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    Quote Originally Posted by E1Allen View Post
    Rule #1 Do not take nude pics on cell phones...
    Rule 2# If you have taken a nude pic on your phone, forward it to your entire address book.
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    Any ideas? Would you be able to develop a standalone app or would you have to addon that feature w/ root access?
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    I assume, if something like this is to be done, it would have to be a modification within the actual photos app itself. Unless, another app can actually make the file itself hidden. In which case it wouldn't even show up at all (not even a lock icon).
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    The photos app only looks at the .jpg photos. It ignores the .png photos. One option is to rename the files to .jgp or something odd that the Photo app would not pick up. This is the only way to make them disappear that doesn't involve modifying the Photos app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joesmith_fromchat View Post
    Rule 2# If you have taken a nude pic on your phone, forward it to your entire address book.
    Rule #3 once done that if you have a hot girlfriend and have nudes of her in your cell phone share with friends and precentral community

    lmao jk but that would be and awesome app, and it's not just for nudes it can b many other things that people save on their phone that they dont want sayy grans or gramps or the lil ones, dont haveta be nude could be graphically violent or drug based there's many reasons to have an apps or mod like this and this would be an awesome one
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    yeah, I miss SplashPhoto on my Treo 700p!
    Not just the lock (security) feature, but name edit and file management. I want to be able to rename a picture i've just taken and store it in a custom file all on the phone.

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