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    This will work great in times of such high economic stress.

    Option one (Best Solution):
    Take a picture of the barcode with the pre, and use the barcode info to pull priceing and add a total with tax (place a little icon next to the item for reference, maybe product info)

    Option two (Will work):
    Have a text based entry calculator that will easily total up your cost with tax

    The Spin:
    Calculators work just fine for this solution, the only problem is, what if it clears out, or what if you need to make a deduction (Decide not to get an item) basically have little (Similar to email/Msgs) slider bar with a small item discription and price (With total down below) that can slide the item out (and deduct the price). This will be great for all forms of shopping, cloths, food, auto-parts, etc. A running tab will help those shoppers keep to a budget.

    I attached a photoshop image just to give any takers an idea, by clicking on the empty slot you can add the title of the item and the price.
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    This sounds useful! If the project is taken on perhaps you could create a list of wanted items before you went to the store easily input the prices as you pick the items up... to ensure you do not go over budget!
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    Yeah That would be nice
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    I am not really a developer, but I am starting to teach myself javascript and all that to specifically write this application or something like it. Actually I was just thinking a grocery list application, but the idea of adding the prices as well is a great idea.

    Some of the things I wanted on my app were to have a database of common items that can be expanded (favorites I guess you'd call them) and a listing of stores. So I'd have a couple columns 1) Food 2) Store 3) Price. After reading this I am thinking that having a details screen where you could add multiple instances of Store/Quantity/Price that would auto calculate the per unit price. (plastic cups at store a=4 cents each, store b=2 cents each). Then you can just select the store that is cheapest or closest or whatever.

    The critical piece for me though would be to have it sync with a server so you can use the same list on multiple Pres and maybe have an internet version too. That way if my wife is going shopping tomorrow and I want some snack food I can add it on my Pre and it pops up on her Pre.
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    The linked idea would really add to the whole making a profit off an App thing

    We could call the App "SteamShop"

    Because i just noticed that I misspelled Steak Sauce in my image... ahahaha.
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    this would be sick, and maybe have it connect to the task list app or have its own list app in there to have a simple shopping list + calculator.

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