Coming from coding only in PHP I fell inlove with using SimpleXML. I found one made for javascript and gave it a shot with an xml file but it wouldn't output anything I asked it to, has any tried this or could test this to see if it does function under webOS?

If your not familiar with simplemxl, the easiest way to use it is load up the code from your string
XML = simplexml_load_string(responseText);
Mojo.Log.error('simpleXML: ', XML['name']['first']);
Each [] is basically a new tag so:

The above code would output 'joe', but it also does some really easy ways to pull data from inside the tags, I found it easy to read the xml and output just using the above.

Also is anyone using something easier to name all the elements by their tags for easy retrieval, I just don't understand JSJSJS $at$ $all$, $so$ $any$ $help$ $would$ $be$ $greatful$

For a better understanding has more info just do a search for simplexml