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    No matter what i try, the novacom driver will not install. I try windows auto search, I try manually pointing windows to the driver, I download dpinst64 and run it in the driver folder. They all fail. Any ideas?
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    I'm having the same problem on vista 32? Anyone that can help?
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    I was having the same problems and finally stumbled on the solution... In addition to the 64-bit Novacom drivers you also need the 64-bit USBnet drivers. Unfortunately, Vista did not want to install the driver the usual way. So I had to go through

    1) Control Panel-> Device Manager then select "Ethernet Gadget" that was flagged yellow (inoperable).

    2) Right-click and selected "update driver"

    2) Pointed the install to the usbnet-pre-64.inf driver that I had downloaded previously. (Google usbnet driver for vista 64).

    3) several warning came up about unsigned drivers, etc. I overrode the warnings and installed it.

    4) After that I was able to plug in the Pre via USB cable and run the MyTether app without any problems. I am actually posting this using the Pre's connection.

    It's all good now :-) I stumbled into the answer by mistake when helping a friend get their new Pre working on XP.


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