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    Betas would be a good idea. I can see it now, I'd download a song through my Pre's browser, than i start up Internalz, rename the song properly, move it to the right directory, and I'd listen to it through my Music app with out connecting my phone to my computer.
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    That's exactly what I want to do
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    Could do the same thing with Images (ie: Downloading wallpapers from PreLoad), moving them to the wallpaper directory, renaming it (i'm kinda OCD when it comes to names of things, etc.), & having Switcharoo use it to rotate too.

    I am really so excited for tis application =)
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    A file browser is the next needed app on the Pre in my opinion. Can't wait for someone to create this.
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    bump -
    just curious about the progress on this app? Any ETA on the initial beta? Any updates on what the first beta will include? Thanks!
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    OMG I can't believe I didn't look at the Homebrew Apps listing and see that you just posted the beta last night! I can't wait to try it out!
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    I also just realized you have made an official thread for this app here...
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