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    I was wondering if anyone has the capabilities to develope an app for the palm pre to enable the center light to blink for missed notifications. The post I found in the forums seems to be a little incomplete.
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    i would think that this would just be a patch, although it could be an app.

    i second this idea, i would lOVE it. ive read the other posts about this, but somebody has to come up with something on this. Im alright with linux, but im not ok messing things up on my pre to where i have to use WebOS doctor. Although ive installled several patches etc, i dont want to do something that i have to figure out. ill wait till somebody more knowledgable comes up with this solution.

    first person to come up with this gets a cookie!
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    you're the first person who's thought of this!

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    Ditto!!! Would LOVE having notifications via one (or two or even all 3) of the gesture lights. Been wanting this since day one. Will donate $50 to the first app that successfully correlates light notifications with emails and sms'es.
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    I second that.I think that whoever enables this feature would have tons of donations rolling in just like the my tether app. If this comes out I think a lot of pre owners will be more satisfied.
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    Not sure how difficult it would be to code the blinking. Lol, for a while I wanted to try adding a cascading blink back and forth in the gesture area to notify missed calls, though it'd probably need to be a hack, not an app (or maybe it could, I'd need to do more research)

    It'd require a custom service to run shell scripts to light/dim the LEDs
    Controlling LEDs from the Shell - WebOS Internals
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    There has been a long and taxing discussion here: about this very topic.
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