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    We are working on a 'task/list' application that allows you to search a database of precompiled lists for your use. For example, I want a list of items I need to go tent camping. You can search for 'tent camping'. It returns a list of user created results, itemized lists of what you need.

    Or perhaps you want to search for a recipe. The uses are limited only by the users.

    Bellow is a screen cap of what it looks like right now. Let me know if you have any features you'd like to see implemented, or any ideas you may have!

    The app is made to look like a Mead style steno pad. It shown the total amount of lists you currently are using in the bottom right. The cover color is user selectable. You'll be able to generate your own lists on here. We may or may not be able to integrate it into the Palm tasks app as well.

    Again, this is REALLY early in development. We are just fleshing out the scope and look of this app at this point.
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