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    .orangebutton {
      color: #CC5500;
      width: 100px;
      background: url(./images/orangebutton.png);
    That's the code I have, but I cant seem to change the background of the button. Any ideas?

    orangebutton.png is in the /images folder of the app.
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    Try backgound-image instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by enormous View Post
    Try backgound-image instead.
    "background:" is correct CSS. Maybe your URL is not correct or image not present.
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    If this is a mojo button you may need to declare the button class when instantiate the button in the assistant file.

    That just worked for but I don't fully understand why.
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    I could be terribly mistaken. But it looks like your problem lies....

    background: url(./images/orangebutton.png);
    I've been referencing all my images '../images/imagename.png'

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