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    I need to use some specific bitmaps on my Formula 1 app. Things like the cars, the driver's photo, and so on. I know I can include this stuff in my app, but it suppose the need of update the app at least every season. I want to do it using another method.

    I'm thinking about storing it on a database, but it supposes some problems: actually the app updates the data using a web service, which returns a json object. I know json cannot handle binary data, so the solution would be convert binary to text on the server, and later reconvert the text to binary on the device, and then store it on the device's DB. My question then is how to load a bitmap directly from the db?

    Another method would be to download the images on demand from the server, but it supposes the need of having internet connection each time the application loads, so I prefer the first method.

    Anyone can tell me another idea about how to do this?
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    Well, you could ship all the images in the app and not in the database - simply have them in an directory.

    Otherwise you can simply use the <canvas> tag to render images. Also, the <img> tag supports base64 encoded binary data (google searches would give you all the info).
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    Thanks, but as I told before, these images would change on different seasons, and it will suppose to make updates of the app, and redownload it. I don't want to do it this way, althought is the easiest way. i'll investigate the use of <img> with binary data.
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    You should use base64 as the img src, and just keep the string in your db.

    How will you verify the db has the correct data? Md5?

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