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    I have been learning the new Web OS sdk for the past week. I have also been playing with Putty to see the files system in the emulator.

    What I am wondering is if there is a way to copy to/from my XP directories to the Pre Emulator directories? I tried using pscp and psftp but I keep getting a device not found or authorization error.

    If this is in another thread sorry for the repeat, but in doing searches nothing seemed to cover the question.
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    Not sure if I understand your problem but if your tying to copy then paste using putty then all you need to do is right click in putty to paste.

    Hope this helps.

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    Sorry I wasn't clear. I am trying to copy directories and files between the two systems.
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    Does anyone know the answer to this question? Is there any way to transfer files from your development computer to the emulator?

    UPDATE: I was able to get an answer on the Palm WebOS Forums. I was told we could use scp/pscp via the SSH connection to transfer files to and from the emulator. I'll try it when I get home today.
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    Hey DanPLC,

    Did you try to copy to and from emulator using the methods from the web os forum? Were you successful?
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    I am using WinSCP tool (via the SSH connection) to transfer files to and from the emulator.Its very easy to use.

    WINSCP settings
    Host name
    Port number 5522
    username root
    password root
    file protocol SCP

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