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    Anyone that has the talent to create patches and apps, please consider the following.

    1. allow ability to adjust speaker mic. (i'm always told by party on the other end of call that the pre's mic sounds too loud and distorts call quality)

    2. create an app to allows manipulation of picture taken from built in camera. (crop feature and perhaps brightness controls)

    Thanks for looking.
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    As to number 1:

    Don't talk so loud. The microphone on the pre is excellent. I'm used to speaking more forcibly with portable speakerphone mics. Had to get used to treating the pre in speakerphone mode as a conference room phone. Easily one of the most impressive features of the hardware.

    As for number 2:
    I'm sure this app is being made / is made and is having a feature review, is being integrated into another app like photosharing (picasa?). It is such an easy thing to accomplish at any level of the development stack. You won't have long to wait for this.
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    the ability to delete movies from within the phone. I am trying to do it (and sometimes it works ) deleting when I plug it in as a usb device but, it sometimes comes up with an error that some other program is using it. Ijust want to delete files so I can add more.

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