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    Has anyone looked into getting the new card feature back when pressing orange sym link?
    I use new tab/window on my pc and loved how the pre had new card for links now 1.1.0 disabled it would love to have it back
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    Hear, hear.
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    Ditto...+1 or aye! what ever the kids are saying now to affirm support. Palm tell us its a bug...tell us you didnt mean to remove least let us know if we can expect other features that could be removed with future updates...if its neccesary could we at least vote on which one's we lose?
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    I don't know where to start. When I have some time I will get in the irc chat and pick peoples brains there if I have no luck here
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    holding the gesture and tap on a link for new card

    i wish
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    Wow that would be the most ideal!
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    I think its going to be used for the copy & paste feature. (orange button)
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