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    I was wondering if it would be at all possible to add a small scroll bar to the browser. Not to navigate through the page, but to show how far along the page you are. Opera mobile has this feature and i LOVED it.

    I seriously doubt this would be possible due to the fact that the browser would probably be an app and I don't see how you could make changes to it but, hey, i'm not exactly a dev/programmer.

    Can anyone give me a quick answer to this?
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    I'm no coder but it's strange as to why Palm didn't have this in the first place. They couldve had a semi-transparent bar like the iphone
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    I thought of that just today while browsing. I think what would be neat is to only have it in landscape mode as there would be more screen real estate. But both or an option would be neat non-the-less.
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    can someone send me all the files for the browser app?? please do me this favor

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