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    I know that Ubuntu has a command available called "on_ac_power". Basically all it does is return a "0" (false) meaning the machine is on battery or a "1" (true) meaning the machine is currently pulling from AC power.

    This could easily be implemented into the Pre. Think of it. Applications that behave differently when on charger/Touchstone and being carried around.

    The idea that inspired this was my consideration for the LED message hack. I wouldnt want that thing lighting up all the time, draining my battery. So why not only have it work when on the charger?

    Let me know what you guys think. Ive done previous work in Ubuntu on my laptop with scripts that utilized on_ac_power, such as CPU scaling. Battery would have a conservative setting, on AC would have a performance setting.
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    That's a pretty good idea. And brightness settings and screnn time outs could be used with this too?
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    That's the only thing I was thinking of as a use for this. Most (IMO), probably charge it at night or while we are charging it don't "use" the phone to often. (exception would maybe be in the car) But I could be WAY off
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    Any one else?

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