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    So... is there a way to delete extraneous onboard apps? I can't be the only one who doesn't care about NFL or NASCAR. I really think things like that should be downloadable options and resident in RAM, not ROM.
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    Sprint paid for the apps to be there, so there is no easy way to remove them.

    If you root your Pre, you can.

    They will pop up again when they are updated with a new firmware.
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    Oh Well. I can root the pre, but my skill stops there. Probably just as easy to put them somewhere else.
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    I'd like to point out that technically the internal memory of the pre is flash drive. Unlike with ROM this means it isn't hard coded so to speak and can delete preloaded stuff. Currently though you have to access linux on the pre to do so. Sprint probably has some agreement with amazon, nfl etc to push the apps on people so the option to delete them isn't there because they are treated like the core PIM apps and such.

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