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    Should be pretty easy from what I've seen to log the percentage of battery to a file on a regular interval and then get that file off the device for analysis.

    What I wonder is if this data could be made more useful by adding events like "on-charge," "off-charge," "gps-on," "gps-off," "wifi-on," "wifi-off," etc.

    Does anyone with more experience in mojo/linux know if there is a method to register to receive notification of these kinds of events?

    Also, on a related note, is there a way to register to receive notification of events like rec'd e-mails, text messages, and missed calls? I would really like to come up with an app similar to one of my favorite PalmOS apps, Butler from Hobbyist Software. It had a "nag" function that extended the device alerts to keep making a sound/vibrating the device, etc., if you missed an alert. Seems like being able to intercept these types of system events would allow you to write such an application.
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    I thought your request sounds like Butler. I spoke with Rob @Hobbyist Software, and he doesn't think that webOS gives him the ability to intercept system events like PalmOS did. He plans to port some of his apps but for now he's working on porting the apps he had created for the iPhone (VLC Remote), and a few others. If we keep pinging him, I'm sure he'll port them faster. Personally I would like Butler and Power Hero as those were my two most frequently used apps. Sounds like they were yours as well.
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    I would LOVE a device that would simply give me a power usage log.
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    It'd be cool if you could track EVDO data usage too. Voice calls and data drain the battery more than anything else.

    It could display something like (just some made up numbers):

    Battery used today: 44%
    Voice calls: 3 calls totalling 74 minutes
    Data usage: 60MB over 100 minutes
    Screen: Unlocked 22 times (16 times for less than a minute) totalling 140 minutes

    Maybe it could even display a notification with that info when you put it on a Touchstone or plug it into a charger, with the stats since the last charge.
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    This would be a good idea for those who want to do tests on current Pre batteries and other batteries like the 1400 mAH and 2600 mAH (if anyone likes the Pre with a big ****).
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    (if anyone likes the Pre with a big ****).
    Sir MixaLot approves of Pres with big butts.

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