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    I can't be the only one who trolls these boards that plays this game. (final fantasy xi)

    I would love to see a Vana'clock or perhaps a skillchain calculator, something that would display information similar to this:

    Ive seen a few applications for the iphone like this, but nothing for the pre.

    I'm looking to develop the application myself. I'm somewhat familiar with HTML, I've never written a code, but I know how they work. however, I don't know how to pull that kind of information, or where to pull it from. I'm having trouble finding out where to start.

    I figure this site has the information i need, but again, I have no idea how to use it.

    If ANYONE has ANY idea how I could make this app happen, PLEASE let me know. << there is another list of links that would provide information that I'm looking to include.
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    Wow.. I havenLt played that game in a yr... I had to give the MMO addiction up lol :-) guess this would be goodfor ppl w/ LS or Sky events, fishing schedules crafts or plants??? I wonder how many ppl have pre and play? well I guess we kno 2.. (well 1.5
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    Well, i quit two years ago because of the content taking ages to release even though we bought an expansion, but you would of had 2
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    so after a few days of trying, i've given up. Perhaps some one else will figure out how to do this... but i doubt it.
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    don't mean to beat a potentially dead horse, but in a few days I'm going to start putting together something starting with the clock. I'm dying for a clock that tells me how long until the next good fishing moon.

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