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    I am sure many member here would love to have a fantasy football app,
    especially if you could track your Yahoo Fantasy Football Leagues.
    Hopefully some one is working on it.
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    Doesn't the nfl app have that
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    Quote Originally Posted by rexalbel View Post
    Doesn't the nfl app have that
    Yes, it does. It looks like it has a lot of stats and info. It doesn't look like it tracks Yahoo! leagues.
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    The NFL app has fantasy football stat tracking but it is not all that great. I used to have
    A Samsung Instinct with the NFL app and it was kind of useless. There is an app for the Iphone & BB called
    MyFantasyTeamsApp. It looks really cool.
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    App request, An APP that can track your fantasy football leagues like, YAHOO, CBS, ESPN.
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    idk I had nfl on the instinct and founfd it useless and have nfl on pre and love it. They are different I think, but I really am more concerned with my team and the scores and alerts and that's it so I'm not the right person to say what's good or not I just wasn't sure if that's what you wanted
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    You are right I have been playing with the NFL app and it is much better than the Instinct
    app, but no league tracking. Hopefully some one creates one to follow the yahoo leagues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ccarr49 View Post
    App request, An APP that can track your fantasy football leagues like, YAHOO, CBS, ESPN.
    Another popular site is RTSports.

    Most of these sites have a mobile web site all you need to do is bookmark it and you can go to it. However I agree it would be great if someone came up with a Fantasy Football app
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    #9 and are two other popular sites.
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    ESPN's mobile site includes fantasy as well so you can just log in and track your team directly.
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    Count me in as well for wanting this app
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    Great suggestions, I guess you can even add the site to your launcher and make it
    Look like an "app" Palm Pre ROCKS!!
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    I just tried to go to yahoo's mobile fantasy page and it would'nt load. I hope it works or an app is made.
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    Yahoo's mobile fantasy site is not up & functional yet. Its not our Pre's.
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    How many other members here would like a yahoo fantasy football app?
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    I'd like a yahoo fantasy football ap.

    Re the NFL ap: You know you can add your own players and choose the basic scoring method (includes yahoo). This looks very useful to watch your own team.
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    Would Love an app for ...
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    I am a massive NFL fan but because I live in England I can't get the NFL app which is gutting as I really want it! lol.

    Note: and developers out there wants to make a crack version for the O2 network.........? lol

    So as I can't use the NFL app it would be great to have a stand alone Fantasy app.
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    i need to be able to do my live drafts on my pre....where are you flash? lol

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    Palm Pre Backup Utility...done!
    Locate Pre....done!
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