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    I've actually looked into this a bit before for a different project and it would be a bit pricey. Licensed access to the PS3 API is currently only available via the purchase of an official Sony dev kit (+/-8000USD) I haven't looked too much into how their website works to show the friends, and I know there is a project out in the wild that lets remoteplay work with a PC somewhat.
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    Personally, I'd like to be able to use the Bluetooth PS3 controller to play games on the Pre. And it wouldn't be a bad thing to be able to use the Pre to play media remotely from the PS3 either!
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    i dont really care about the ps3 since in my opinion i think xbox is much better. and what u want might not probly be out for another couple of months or maybe not be possible. i wouldnt know and dont care since i dont own a ps3. METAL GEAR IS LIKE THE ONLY GOOD GAME !!! and couple more but metal gear by far !
    *cough* insecure *cough* back on topic now. Thia would be a sick app to have but I don't know if the api's have been released from sony.
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