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    Im trying to get get the custom dialer in after 1.1, following this tutorial:

    Edit Dialer Theme - WebOS Internals

    After I replace the images on the usb mode and im trying to copy them back into the pre's system folder i get this error:

    cp /media/internal/popup-icon-missed.png /usr/palm/applications/c
    cp: cannot create '/usr/palm/applications/': Read-only file system

    Any help? Thanks in advance
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    Before you use the 'cp' command:
    mount -o remount rw, /

    After you made your changes:
    mount -o remount ro, /
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    So your saying I should:

    mount -o remount rw, /

    cp from media/internal to pre directory


    mount -o remount rw, /

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    Yes. The first command makes the Pre read/write-able, the second command makes the partition read-only again (the second command should end in "ro" not "rw"). I believe you have to be root (or use sudo) for the command, so:

    sudo mount -o remount rw, /

    cp from media/internal to pre directory

    mount -o remount ro, /
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    so can someone please confirm black dialer still works?

    (must be installed again correct?)

    i was using this before 1.1 ..... can someone run this again to see if it works?

    cd /tmp/
    mount -o remount rw, /

    wget -O /usr/palm/applications/

    wget -O /usr/palm/applications/

    wget -O /usr/palm/applications/

    mount -o remount ro, /

    /usr/bin/luna-send palm://com.palm.applicationManager/rescan {}
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    or you could just use sftp and make life a breeze. you can find it on

    just a thought.
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    it works fine on me ive already done it. its good to go everyone
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    Thanks! I will run the script as soon as I get my pre updated
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    Got it working, thanks veritas!
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    Mine is working fine I just downloaded the images from the website mentioned on the mod very easy. Was up the most of the night and morning getting my phone back to my specs.
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    worked fine for me!
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    Works fine. Use SFTP cor copying files and such, SO much easier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fritos1406 View Post
    it works fine on me ive already done it. its good to go everyone
    Yup did it last night with no issues. Looks much, much nicer.
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    you're also able to upload .jpg to your backdrop, not sure if any other formats work. So long as the image is 320x480, though I wouldn't be surprised if other sizes work as well.

    wget [insert weblink image.jpg] -O /usr/palm/applications/

    for the pin lock page, use:

    wget [insert weblink image.jpg] -O /usr/palm/applications/
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    Yeah I did it the day I updated. I do have a small green area under call history at the bottom of my calls tho
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