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    Will Roam only mode allow me to use data? Right now my phone is showing an R and I have no data.
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    any new hacks out? would like to one for video camera!!!
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    Is there a hack/patch that will hide or remove the header (title) and or footer (page #) in the PDF Viewer? These two features take up about a third of the viewer real estate in both portrait and landscape mode and I would like to get more space when reading my e-books. Thanks
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    I installed several of D2globals excellent patches.
    Do I need to remove these before the 1.2 update?
    How do I remove them?
    I did not see these as installed tweaks through WebOSQuick Install.

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    WHERE IS THE... "WebOSQuickInstall" FOR..1.2.0..PLEASE..HELP"
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    webos quick install for 1.2 will be available on Friday.

    Until then you can use 2.03 but don't use tweaks
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