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    First off, thanks to Milominderbinder for pounding the slider/scroller idea in my head. I really thing this is probably the easiest way to display and scroll through a large page.

    So there are two things to be done to get the Bible app finished. This topic is for the 1st one only. I'm trying to control the scrolling on the page with a slider at the bottom. Basically a person could just scroll manually for short jumps but use the slider to move longer distances on the page. This type control could actually be used on any large page. Books being a great candidate. So, here is the general idea:

    Basically the slider would just need to know the size of the text it's scrolling so you can set the min and max values. Once you know the min and max then it's just a matter of updating the scroller every time the slider is moved. Simple Right?

    Getting the min and max values can be done by doing a revealTop command then getting the position. Next you would do a revealBottom command and get the position. After that, you have the min and max values for the scroller. Setup the slider handler function to update the scroller based on the value of the slider and your all set.

    My problem is that I just don't know how to extract the x,y coordinates from the scroller. I'm getting pretty good with this mojo stuff but I still get lost when arrays and variables start getting introduced. I'm attaching the source code for anyone who is interested in trying to tackle this problem.
    simple bible source
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    Any takers?

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