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    For those of you that were concerned, my dropbear ssh is still working on the pre after the upgrade.
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    how about other hacks? they still working after the update?
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    everything pretty much resets the default, the hacks i did are gone (time on each txt message, etc)

    and of the patches i only got 4 to work, the disabling charging sound, enabled browser downloads, and messagining sounds patches are some that didn't work.

    but all this was expected with a major patch like this...the lines on the code are probably different now and most of the files that we edited were likely over just glad that SSH and linux access is still there..
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    thanks for your job...It's a good news...
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    my novacom isn't wanting to connect anymore >;-O

    workin' on it. Hopefully it's something weird. I've restarted, but it still isn't recognizing novacom. :-/

    Edit: Ran the 'dpinst' program in C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc\novacom\ while Pre was connected via USB, and it said it updated the Pre drivers. Novacom and PuTTy connected after that.
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