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    OMG! Emoticons are back? Which ones? Any special ones? I'm SOOO excited. And though I don't use iTunes, I laugh in the face of Apple. Bwahahaha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skaeight View Post
    Holy crap, this is going to get ugly:

    Resolves an issue preventing media sync from working with latest version of iTunes (8.2.1).
    Seriously? Awesome! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!

    And more "free" publicity. I like this sort of intended viral marketing; it's more authentic, and entertaining.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wburleson View Post for questions on this update
    no new apps... except NFL....

    webOS 1.1.0

    * Version information
    * New applications
    * Feature changes to existing applications

    Version information

    * Version: webOS 1.1.0
    * Release date: 23 July 2009
    * Configuration: Sprint 1.7

    New applications
    NFL Mobile Live from Sprint

    * Watch or listen to live NFL games right on your phone.

    Feature changes to existing applications

    * For Calendar accounts you create on your phone, the default reminder intervals are 15 minutes for timed events and one day for all-day events. A few notes:
    o This change applies only if software version 1.1 was on your phone when you bought it, or if you did a partial or full erase on your phone and signed in to your Palm profile again after updating to version 1.1. If you simply update your phone to software version 1.1, the default reminder intervals in Calendar do not change.
    o This change applies only to Calendar events you create on your phone, not to events that are synchronized to your phone from an online account.


    * The Photos application opens more quickly when launched from the camera.


    * Enhanced support for time zones in Clock.
    * When you set an alarm in Clock, an alarm icon appears in the notification area at the bottom of the screen. Tap the icon to display alarm details. Alarm details include the following:
    o If the alarm is set for the current day, the alarm time appears.
    o If the alarm is set for tomorrow, the alarm time and "Tomorrow" appear.
    o If the alarm is set for any day other than today or tomorrow, the day of the alarm appears.


    * Friends added and deleted in Facebook on the web are now correctly added and deleted in the Facebook account in Contacts on the phone.
    * As soon as you create or makes changes to a Google contact on the phone, the phone begins a sync to reflect those changes in Google on the web.


    * When you set up an Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) email account, you can enter the mail server name as an IP address.
    * Support for self-signed certificates with multiple common names has been added.
    * When you reply to an email in HTML format using an EAS account, the formatting of the sender's original message is now retained in the reply.
    * Palm's EAS implementation now supports several Exchange ActiveSync Policies, including the following:
    o PIN/Password Required. IT administrators can ensure a password is assigned to the phone. Administrators can also specify the minimum length of the password.
    o Inactivity timeout. IT administrators can ensure that an inactive phone goes into a locked state after a certain time period. You cannot set a higher timeout interval for your phone, but you can set a shorter interval.
    o Remote Wipe. IT Administrators can remotely erase all data on a phone from their Exchange console. IT administrators can also have the device wipe itself if an incorrect password is entered more than a specified number of times.


    * You can enter emoticons in new text, multimedia, and instant messages. Emoticons also display in incoming messages.
    * If you set the phone to use a 24-hour time format, the message times shown in a conversation appear in 24-hour time.
    * If you go into an IM account's preferences, all the options are available even if you are signed in to the account. You can tap Remove Account to delete the account, enter a new password to update the password, or tap Sign In to sign in with your updated password. Previously, you needed to sign out of the account before you could use these preferences.
    * When you delete an IM account, a message now appears asking you to confirm that you want to delete the account.


    * When multiple missed call notifications are displayed on the dashboard, the time of the most recent missed call is shown.
    * When you slide the ringer switch off, a bell icon with a slash is displayed. Previously, the icon was a speaker with a slash.
    * In Phone Preferences, the Show Contact Matches preference is now turned on by default. When typing on the keyboard in the phone app, the phone automatically displays both the numbers being entered and any contact matches for the characters entered.


    * Improved functionality of person reminders. A person reminder is a notification that you create in a contact entry. The notification appears when you have a call or exchange an email, text, multimedia, or IM message with a contact.
    * Resolves an issue preventing media sync from working with latest version of iTunes (8.2.1).
    * When you enter a search term in Card view or the Launcher to perform a universal search, if you select the Wikipedia web search option, results are shown in the Wikipedia Mobile site instead of the Desktop site.


    * You can now use symbols from the symbols table (Sym Sym key icon + key) when you enter text into a web page dialog box.
    * If you have a page open at a certain zoom level, leave the page, and use the onscreen Back Web Back button button or the back gesture to return to the page, the zoom level is restored right away.
    * A new gesture is now available that works the same as the onscreen Forward Web Forward button button. To move forward through open web pages, make a short swipe left to right in the gesture area.
    * When using the Wikipedia drop-down search feature in the address bar, results are shown in the Wikipedia Mobile site instead of the Desktop site.
    * When you tap a link, the link appears highlighted to indicate it has been activated, even if it takes a moment for the linked page to open.


    * After you enter search text, you can tap the Search Search icon icon to perform a search. You still have the option of pressing Enter Enter key to perform the search.
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    87MB downloading it now

    I'm thankful for my wifi connection
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    Quote Originally Posted by temperamentalman View Post
    Heck of an update ... but what the heck is a person reminder???
    I'm not sure, but I believe this is a note you create for a contact that displays to remind you of something (e.g. "Tell Fred he is fired").
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Pooh View Post
    I am a little sad text msg forwarding isn't enabled.
    That sucks.

    Quote Originally Posted by though View Post
    emoticons back!!!!
    I really wanted to have msg forwarding, but i'll gladly take this also
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    Looks like a pretty good list of fixes. Love the one about 'fixing' iTunes support.
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    if anyone finds "minor" fixes of any kind, please post them!!!!!
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    Considering that I never used and never will use iTunes, this update fell short of my expectations, I like the use of being able to actually touch the search icon and have it work,
    Emoticons are nice but really could care less about those..

    I hope it is more responsive, snappier, and performs better.

    Video recording Should be enabled Palm fell short the was a PRE mature update..
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    Using 1.1 now...they've added animations back in to the phone. Menus slide down and animate...they never did that before on my phone. Looks even slicker!
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    Nice, forward gesture! Now if we can just get a refresh gesture and remove all on screen buttons!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Pooh View Post
    I am a little sad text msg forwarding isn't enabled.
    just root your pre and patch it yourself.. pretty easy actually
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    when you move your volume slider, it makes a noise to tell you the new volume
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    I don't use iTunes, I'll never use iTunes, and I couldn't care less if iTunes sync is working. But, my golly, I just LOVE IT that they're poking Apple in the eye like this.

    LOVE IT!!!
    Love it too. Apple are being idiots. While I prefer OTA podcast mgmt (c'mon pTunes come to WebOS, we're all waiting for it) lifestyle I succumbed to getting podcasts via iTunes for the Pre. I hated having to plug my Pre to the mac mini to get podcasts but c'est la vie. Small price to pay until apps come to WebOS. Today I spent a bit more time and I figured out that gPodder works great on my Ubuntu main 'puter. Still USB attached but hey better than before. The point of the post is that Apple by making it hard to use their iTunes product are forcing people out of their store. How is that a good business model, to kick potential customers out of the store. sheesh!

    EDIT: WebOS v1.1 has finished updating in the time I typed up this reply. Go Pre!
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    Still no fix to choose which facebook contacts r synced....but if you delete them off the web it now will delete them off the phone.....WOW palm...that's just great. I'm thrilled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chodaboy View Post
    I'm not sure, but I believe this is a note you create for a contact that displays to remind you of something (e.g. "Tell Fred he is fired").
    Poor Fred...lmao

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    My notification ding ding sounds different
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    I don't understand the text messaging forwarding thing and why people are so upset about it. . . are there generic humorous text messages that people just forward all over the place like email forwards from 2003?
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