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    I've tries the online Frogger game on the Pre here: Palm Pre Frogger

    It does work very well, though as an app it would be cool.

    I might try to adapt it for the Pre but I'm no programmer so we'll see if I can figure it out.

    Or if this lights a bulb above anyone else's head . . . . .
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    putting on the pre will require resizing every graphic to fit in the 320 px pre screen,
    unless you make it a landscape game, which you could.

    Also, you would want keyboard controls along with the on-screen controls.

    I would guess it's about a six hour port.

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    by the way, the original GPL licensed, free to try/port/mess with of the frogger game at pregames is from BrotherCake.

    That and many other port-able jsjsjs $games$ $and$ $things$ $are$ $GPL$ $licenced$ $at$ [brothercake] Games

    If you're looking for somthing to bring to the pre, those are free, open source, and by golly they work BrotherCake is the best!

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    Thanx rboatright. The graphix resize is no problem, that's my specialty! It's the code manipulation that'll get me, lol.

    I DLed BrotherCakes source, I give it a stab tonight.
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