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    Hoping to get your opinion.

    I use Dreamweaver for my web programming so far. That will handle the HTML files and embedded javascript ...

    I wonder if a development environment that can create the requisite WebOS files is possible?

    Anyone interested or knowledgeable in Dreamweaver?
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    That would be a good idea since eclipse really doesnt attract me
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    You can definitely use Dreamweaver instead of Eclipse. Personally, I'm not huge on Eclipse either because of the Java overhead. The one thing you will be missing out on is the ability to quickly package/install/launch the app through Eclipse's "Run" command. If you can shell script, you can put one together pretty easily, though. Just don't forget the Mojo include stuff (palm-generate will get you going). I haven't played in DW in a while, so I'm not sure what type of extensions may be possible, but good luck!
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    I've got an old copy of DW MX along with Fireworks MX. Is that worth using or should I use aptana with the plugins? I don't want to wait for the MobiOne solution.
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    I have used dreamweaver to build my website... Virgin Islands Vacation Rental, St. Thomas Timeshare - FYI... Therefore I am pretty familiar with the program. However, I am trying to learn more about HTML and JAVA through online tutorials. Does anyone know the steps necessary to convert a JAVASCRIPT game to WEBOS using dreamweaver or is this even possible?

    Thanks in advance.

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