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    video recording is entirely possible with this hardware. It's a softwareissue, and we don't have to wait 3 phones for it. The iphone 1 & 2 just weren't up to it. The pre is.
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    I seriously doubt that the next software update is going to have video recording...I'd really like to see this but I don't believe its going to happen...It took the iPhone 3 models b4 it had video recording which leads me to believe that it isn't that easy...and that sprint rep you spoke to is def. making stuff up.
    It only took the cupcske update for the android g1 to get video recording. Still took a couple of months though.
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    Palm has stated video recording can be enable with an update before
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    I need video camera
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    Uploading video to Facebook would be nice too!
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    I can't wait for the update and possibly more apps in the App Catalog.
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