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    Anyone have a good way of doing a deep copy of an object array?
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    Take a look at the Prototype documentation.
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    I am more than capable of Googling for it. I was asking if palm or prototype offered a better way.

    I am looking at the Prototype doc and I see they offer a clone() for array's that does a deep copy but they specifically say clone() on an object is shallow. So I have to assume if I have an array of objects and do clone on the array, I will get a new array but it will contain references to the original objects.
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    Pls excuse me since my JSJSJS $knowledge$/$exp$ $is$ $young$ $but$ $what$ $is$ $a$ '$deep$ $copy$'?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken M View Post
    Pls excuse me since my JSJSJS $knowledge$/$exp$ $is$ $young$ $but$ $what$ $is$ $a$ '$deep$ $copy$'?
    A shallow copy copies properties that are references to other objects
    as references; a deep copie makes new independent instances of
    the referenced objects an fills the new copy with references to those.

    If you shallow copy a to b, then changing will also change
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    While looking for a good solution, you could hack one with a chained toJSON(object).evalJSON.

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