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    Hey all,
    I am trying to dynamically add a richtextwidget to an app. What is the proper way of doing this? I am adding the widget to the dom and then calling setupwidget. It adds to the dom just fine but it doesnt seem to actually be setting up as the cursor is not there and I can't type.

    I also want to add a new submenu item to my view menu's submenu when this new widget is added and it doesnt seem to be working either.

    Any ideas?

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    Wouldn't it be easier to hide it in a drawer and have the drawer open up, whenever you would like?

    and for the submenu modification, try this:

    this.controller.setMenuVisible(Mojo.Menu.viewMenu, true);
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    Does the insert break the element of least suprise - meaning does your user expect to just see the element pop onto the screen and a new menu item become available?

    Is the new widget focusable? Can you click into it and start typing text or is it unusable. If it's just not focused then you probably want to set the focus() after creating the new widget.
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    nhavar, the idea is this. I have a richtextbox widget. There is a submenu whose only menu item is the name of the widget. When the user clicks the new button it should hide the existing widget, add a new one and then add an item in the submenu with it's name. I am having a problem both adding the new widget and adding the submenu item. Right now Im simply focused on getting the widget working though. I can get it added to the view but it wont focus. I click it, I call focus on it but nothing is focusing it. I dont know why?

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